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When is the Best Season to Buy a Condo?


Inventory: Spring is when you’ll usually see the highest inventory of condos for sale. Between the more mild weather and being finished with the holidays, this is the best time to see a variety of homes for sale.

Pricing: Unfortunately Spring isn’t the best time for deals on a new home. Many sellers think they have a few months to sell their condo and may overprice their home. Expect to see many homes that are expensive.

Competition: The competition won’t be as tough as it will be later in the year. Spring is the time where most potential buyers are just getting their feet wet and browsing.


Inventory: Inventory during summer is still high, often as high as in spring. There will be plenty of new listings this time of year.

Pricing: Sellers will start to get serious about selling their homes, so the prices should come down a bit during summer. There still won’t be very many deals this time of year.

Competition: This is when the competition really starts to get going. Expect to see more bidding wars and higher offers being made.


Inventory: Inventory during fall will definitely start to dwindle. There won’t be as many new listings on the market either.

Pricing: Any new listings on the market will be priced to sell. Fall is when you’ll finally start to find some deals and sellers will start to cut their asking price.

Competition: The competition will be much more tough during fall. Expect to see plenty of competition for fairly priced homes.


Inventory: Winter will bring very limited inventory, but those who do put their homes on the market this time of year will most likely need to sell.

Pricing: Any real estate on the market during winter will be priced lower than in the spring or summer. There will be plenty of deals, and homes will be priced at good value.

Competition: Buying a new home during the holiday season can be tough, so expect to see less competition.