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Daytona Beach Weather

There’s a reason so many people want to move to Florida… the weather! Florida is known for having almost year round beach weather, so if you plan on moving here you can pack away those parkas. Daytona Beach weather, in general, is extra special. “The World’s Most Famous Beach” provides the perfect setting to enjoy the beautiful climate. We hope to give you a bit of in-depth information regarding Daytona’s weather from a year-round perspective.

Daytona Beach Weather Trends

Daytona Beach has a subtropical climate which offers residents mild winters and warm summers which feature cool ocean breezes. Daytona’s weather trends are divided into two seasons, the hot/wet season and the warm/dry season. May to October is the time frame for the hot/wet season and November through April for the warm/dry season.

During the summer months, average temperatures run from a low of 70° at night and a high of 90° during the day. The subtropical climate also provides a very humid atmosphere and heat indexes (what the temperature actually feels like) can make the temperature seem much higher.

Fall brings a less humid and drier climate in which average temperatures range from nighttime lows of 50° to daytime highs of 70°. Daytona Beach’s coldest months are generally January and February, with a few random cold spells (late October/early November, for instance).

Weather Records

The record high monthly temperature was 102° which was set in July of 1944 and August of 1981. Record monthly lows were set in January of 1985 at 15°. The rainiest month in Florida’s history was October of 1924 which brought 24.82″ of rain. The driest month on record was October of 1940 which brought 0.04″ of rain.


Hurricanes often bring lots of rain to Daytona Beach but rarely suffer a direct hit. The 2004 hurricane season was the most intense which saw 3 hurricanes’ direct path travel over Central Florida. On average, Daytona is hit or brushed by a storm once every 3.64 years.

Florida is a beautiful place to live and offers weather to accommodate almost year-round fun in the sun. Daytona Beach weather is gorgeous, so grab your swimsuit and come join in the fun!