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Why You Should Invest in Daytona Beach

The reason Daytona Beach is known as the World’s Most Famous Beach has everything to do with the millions of visitors it draws each year, but explaining why they choose Daytona Beach as their destination cannot be narrowed down to just one reason. In fact, whether they visit for a season each year or year-round, a considerable amount of people end up falling in love with the area and calling it home. It is the same reasons visitors are more than willing to invest their time and money in Daytona Beach that residents are – premier location, affordable living, and an infinite amount of activities available.


Situated on the east coast of Central Florida and split in two by the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River, Daytona Beach experiences an ideal climate year-round, with an average low of 59.3°F in the winter and an average high of 78.5°F in the summer. Not surprisingly, this makes the city a popular destination for boaters and fishermen, who hook into snook, tarpon, sea trout, snapper, and more. Its unique compacted sandy coastline also makes it one of the few places in the world where you can drive on the beach.

Even beyond the seaside, Daytona Beach is an outdoor paradise that offers appeal and adventure for everyone. Of course, the city is home to the iconic, newly renovated International Speedway, where the Daytona 500 and countless other ongoing events take place throughout the year. The area hosts a multitude of world-class, champion golf courses, such as LPGA International, and entertains baseball fans with the Daytona Tortugas minor league games played at Jackie Robinson Field. Dozens of environmentally protected park preserves are peppered throughout the city, offering breathtaking views along walking, biking, and hiking trails among precious wildlife.

With two main college campuses in the heart of the city, several historical museums, locally owned businesses, and weekend festivals and events, Daytona Beach takes pride in its sense of community. Historic Beach Street serves as the hub for unique, boutique-style riverfront shopping, one-of-a-kind dining at locally owned restaurants, and seasonal art festivals, and antique car shows. Every Saturday, City Island features fresh produce, herbs, and homemade recipes at the Farmers’ Market.  

Best of all, the Daytona Beach housing market is extremely affordable, historically strong, and continuing to improve. The median home price is about $132,000, which is nearly $76,000 less than the national average, and homes purchased three years ago have appreciated by an average of $37,194. In terms of real estate investing, Daytona Beach has a 74.7% return on investment, making Baltimore the only market ahead of the city.

Since the end of the economic downturn, doors have been opened to high-end development in Daytona Beach, creating jobs and expanding the local tax base. With that said, the city’s unemployment rate, at 5.3%, is 0.3% lower than the national average, 0.7% better than last year, and continuing to improve every year.

By investing in Daytona Beach, you are not only benefiting from the city’s local businesses, market trends, and overall economy, but you also have the privilege of soaking up its natural beauty, renowned entertainment, and incredible affordability. It is a place where once in a lifetime experiences are had, and unforgettable memories are made. Your time and money are extremely valuable, and investing them in the beautiful city of Daytona Beach is an overwhelmingly smart move.