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Amenities From the Moment You Enter the Gates

Daytona Beach Condominiums

Marina Grande Daytona Waterfront Condominiums have endless amenities.

Florida is full of fun – who could turn down the warm sun, the cool ocean, and the array of activities? Marina Grande serves to keep residents close to all of Florida’s fun and good times. What makes Marina Grande stand out from the rest? Here you’ll find one of a kind amenities and services dedicated to giving you a level of luxury that can’t be found anywhere else, and a price that won’t break the bank.

Located right on the water, Marina Grande proudly offers two waterfront pools as well as a private, 28-slip marina. Sun decks let you catch some rays, while a Jacuzzi lets you relax with friends. Hang out poolside or sail on the Halifax. Whichever you choose, there’s no better place for a waterfront lifestyle.

Looking to hit the gym? The fitness center here is second to none. With waterfront views and machines ranging from cardio to weight exercises, you’re fully equipped to get your sweat on.

Ready for some real fun? Check out the on-site game room – perfect for the kids. With everything from ping pong to darts, it’s the perfect place to unwind. Start your own tournament if you’re feeling extra competitive.

And when you’re ready to unwind, there’s no better way to get everyone together than with a movie night – one in a THX certified theater is irresistible! Blow up some popcorn and play a favorite classic or show off your favorite cat videos in 7.1 surround sound.

With so much fun, Marina Grande Daytona has homebuyers racing to the water’s edge with condominiums starting from just the $200s, and right on the Halifax River, too! A showcase of coastal modern design and spectacular vistas overlook the Intracoastal Waterway and the world-famous Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach is an even greater place to live, with its “New Daytona” energy offering new ways to explore Daytona Beach. Its waterfront location can’t be beat and has residents vying for a piece of its property.

This deal of a lifetime won’t last forever. Request a free Comparison Guide today to see why Marina Grande Daytona is the best bang for your buck in Florida. A model showcase unlike anything else in the area shows off imported cabinetry, granite countertops in the kitchen, and jetted bathtubs in the bathrooms. Amenities such as two waterfront pools, a fitness center, and a private, 28-slip marina with access to the Atlantic make it all worth it. Get in on the Marina Grande magic with our leasing program, which lets you let out your residence in the off-season, and get in on the benefits.

Get the facts! Download our new fact sheet, which includes inside details like sample inventory and pricing. Come visit us to see our new models, as well! Don’t be that could have, would have, should have guy- contact us and get in one of these exclusive residences today!

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5 Fantastic Features to Look for in Your First Condo

When you’re looking for your first condo, there are a lot of different amenity choices. Depending on your needs and your budget, there are quite a few to choose from. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 fantastic features to look for in your first condo.

1. In-Suite Laundry

Doing laundry outside of your own home can be a serious hassle. It’s much better to have an in-suite washer and dryer than having to worry about having enough change or if there will be enough washers open. We understand how much of a hassle it can be, so MG on the Halifax has in-suite washers and dryers available for your convenience.

2. Walk-In Closets

When you’re done with the laundry, having a nice walk-in closet to easily put away your clothes is a great amenity. Walk-in closets are great for storing your belongings and allow you to easily see your outfits.

3. Secure Parking

No one wants to worry about the security of their vehicle. It’s important to find a condo that has secure parking so you feel safe walking to and from your vehicle. It’s even better if condos offer covered or underground parking to protect you and your vehicle from the elements.

4. Terrace or Balcony

Having an outdoor space such as a terrace or a balcony gives you the perfect place to entertain guests or relax. It’s nice to have somewhere to enjoy the warm weather, grill your dinner, or just relax in the fresh air. It’s not quite a necessity, but it definitely makes a big difference.


5. Luxury Amenities

Luxury amenities don’t come standard with most condos. MG on the Halifax offers top of the line amenities like an 18 seat THX certified movie theater, 2 gorgeous swimming pools, a marina, banquet space, his and hers steam saunas, and meticulously manicured grounds. You won’t find luxury amenities just anywhere, so be sure to check what special amenities each condos have.

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Top 8 Blogs for Condo Owners

Whether you’re ready to finance, decorate, or even sell your condo, it’s conducive to have plenty of information at your fingertips. There are plenty of great blogs out there to help you find the information you need now, or could use in the future, when it comes to the complexity of owning your own condo. We rounded up a few of our favorites for you to look through or save for future reference.

Top 8 Blogs for Condo Owners

1.  Condo Association

A blog that deals with an array of different condo-living issues, especially financial related tips. Plenty of information on lending, insurance, and general condo-living information.

2. Condo Owner

Condo Owner is a blog geared towards resort condominiums, but there’s information for all condos available. Just a few of the issues Condo Owner touches on are banking, buying and selling, insurance, legality, and maintenance.

3. Condo & HOA Smart 

Provides important information against scams and risks for those looking to buy homes in condominium and homeowners associations. They have essential information for condo buyers, real estate agents, and board members.

4. Condo Law Guru

A blog run by an attorney, Beth Grimm, who is very familiar with condo and HOA legal issues. She breaks down the laws in layman’s terms and helps those who need information regarding condominium associations. As a result, Beth Grimm has already covered a plethora of issues you might run into or want to know more about.

5. Houzz

Perfect for finding decorating ideas for your condo! They feature photos of inspirational living spaces with a product directory, so you know which items to buy to replicate your favorite look. Most of all, they have a quite a collection of condo eye-candy.

6. CondoBlog

A great resource for city guides, tips, advice, market trends, and much more. They offer a lot of unique information about condo-living news.

7. My First Condo

Has a ton of information for first-time condo owners. Find resources for getting started, buying your first condo, mortgage, renovating, and co-ops, and more.

8. Evercondo Blog

A community blog that includes “tips, interviews, and trending topics on the ins and outs of condo living and management.” Find information about all sorts of issues like budgets, avoiding issues, property management.




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Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Condo Community

If you are looking for a great place to live, the type of home you choose is as important as the location. Choosing between housing arrangements and house types can be difficult, but there are many reasons to make your next home a condo. Once you explore the unique advantages of condo living, you may never consider another type of home again.


Home security has never been more important, and when you move into a condo community, your security is built in from the ground up. You can enjoy the privacy, security, and safety of a gated community and the added protection of neighbors and staff who look out for you, and one another.

If you are at all concerned about your safety and the safety of your family, the advantages of a condo community is a big draw. From added protection for your belongings and enhanced safety for your loved ones, the benefits of condo living are clear.


When you move into a condo community, you get much more than just a roof over your head. You are buying into an entire lifestyle, and a very luxurious one at that.

The Marina Grande on the Halifax has high-end amenities like a private clubhouse for condo members, two beautiful pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, boat slips for seaside adventures and even a movie theater. There are plenty of wonderful advantages to living in a condo community. It would be nearly impossible, and prohibitively expensive, to recreate these amenities in any other setting.


One of the biggest advantages of living in a condo is the sense of community and neighborliness it provides. You may have thought the days of neighbor helping neighbor and everyone knowing one another’s name were over, but that is not true in a condo community.

When you move into a condo community, you will be surrounded by neighbors, new friends, and associates who share your same interests and your dedication to a wonderful carefree lifestyle.

Upkeep Done for You

If you would rather spend time sailing your boat than mowing your lawn, condo living is the perfect choice. When you move into a condo community, all of the upkeep, from sweeping the sidewalks to mowing the lawn, is taken care of.

Instead of spending your summer cleaning the pool, you can spend your time swimming, boating, and enjoying all the wonderful activities the area has to offer. Condo living is perfect for those who value their leisure time.


It is hard to beat the lifestyle condo owners enjoy. Indeed, this is the lifestyle so many workers aspire to. When you move in, you will have more free time, since the exterior cleaning, mowing, and other upkeep is handled for you.

You will also enjoy a luxury lifestyle with a clubhouse, two pools, a boat slip and much more. No matter what you like to do, you are sure to enjoy your time in a condo community. There are a number of reasons so many retirees choose to sell their existing homes and move to a condo community. If you would like to join them, you will quickly see why condo living is such a popular choice.

When it comes time to purchasing a new home you have many choices, from which neighborhood is right for you to which type of home and how much space you need. If you value your free time and enjoy leisure time activities, we think you will agree that the condo life is hard to beat.

Contact Marina Grande on the Halifax today, and schedule a tour of one of our sky home’s in our luxurious condominium community.





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Daytona Beach Area Movie Theaters: Each is a different Experience

With flat-screen televisions dropping in price and Netflix putting a world of entertainment just a mouse-click away, movie theater owners are searching to find new and compelling ways to fill their seats and encourage film lovers to venture out. Daytona Beach theater owners have done just that in a big way, creating a world of entertainment and building a new type of experience into every property.

Daytona Beach is home to some of the most unique and innovative movie theaters in the nation, with convenient ways of doing business, exciting new options, and even more choices at the concession stand.

There has been a veritable movie theater-building boom in the Daytona Beach region lately, and that is positive for the economy and the area. Here are some of the most interesting filmic options in the Daytona Beach area.

Paragon Ocean Walk 10

The Paragon Dream Walk 10 is one of the most popular theaters in the Daytona region, and for good reason. Located at 250 N. Atlantic Avenue #300, this magnificent theater features breathtaking views of Daytona Beach, and plenty of night-life for after the show.

There is plenty to love about the Paragon Dream Walk 10, but what really sets this theater apart is its menu. Instead of being stuck with the same old candy and popcorn, theatergoers can dine on food inspired by the movie’s theme, from nachos and pizza to wine and beer. If you want your night at the movies to be an experience, this is the place for you.

Cobb Daytona Luxury 12

At the Cobb Daytona Luxury 12, the name says it all. If you want your night at the movies to include lots of pampering, this is the place for you. The Cobb Daytona Luxury 12 is a popular destination for first dates, but it is also a wonderful venue for couples on their regular date nights.

Whether you want to get away from the kids, enjoy some alone time, or just catch the latest flick, you can do so in style at the state-of-the-art Cobb Daytona Luxury 12. This luxury theater includes all the high-end amenities you would expect, including a full-service bar, a barista bar, and even fresh homemade pizza. There are also comfy seats for a more pleasant moviegoing experience and assistive listening devices for those with disabilities. Located at 1850 Legends Lane in Daytona Beach, this is a great theater for the entire family.

Regal Diamond Beach Cinema 12

Located at 215 Williamson Boulevard, the Regal Ormond Beach Cinema 12 is making its mark on the Daytona movie scene. This state-of-the-art movie theater features plush seating, Dolby surround-sound for the ultimate in realistic sound reproduction and a spacious environment in which to kick back, relax and unwind.

The Regal Ormond Beach Cinema 12 features other modern amenities as well, including a full-service bar with wine and beer on tap. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite adult beverages while you watch the movie or just relax with friends, you can do it all at the Regal Ormond Beach Cinema 12.

 The Regal Pavilion Stadium 14

The Regal Pavilion Stadium 14 is quickly becoming one of the must-visit entertainment venues in the Daytona region. Featuring true stadium seating, comfortable chairs, and plenty of room to stretch out, this state-of-the-art theater has everything modern film lovers are looking for.

With 14 screens to choose from, there is always something good going on at the Regal Pavilion Stadium 14. Whether you all agree on a film or split up and meet for drinks later, you are sure to enjoy your time at this Daytona institution. Located at 5547 S. Williamson Boulevard, the Regal Pavilion Stadium 14 is centrally located and easy to reach from anywhere in the area.

Carmike New Smyrna Lux 12

The Carmike New Smyrna Lux 12 is a favored destination for first dates, date nights and everything in between. From couples and groups of friends to teenagers enjoying the weekend, this Daytona area institution is busy every night of the week.

This thoroughly modern theater features all the amenities you would expect, plus a few you might not. Concession stations scattered throughout the theater make it easy to grab a quick snack without missing any of the action, wall-to-wall screens draw you into the film and make the filmmakers vision come alive, DLP digital projection puts you in the heart of the film and one-stop ticketing makes getting in fast and easy. Located at 1401 S. Dixie Freeway, the Carlike New Smyrna Lux 12 is easy to get to and easy to enjoy.


Going to the movies should be an adventure, not simply a better version of watching TV at home. If you are looking for a true filmic experience, you will find plenty of great theaters to choose from. Each one of these Daytona movie palaces has its own special set of features, its own unique amenities and its own benefits for movie lovers of all ages.