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5 Helpful Tips for Moving into Your First Condo

If you’ve never moved into a condo before, quite a few things are going to be different than what you might be used to. Between stairs, elevators, and maybe a narrow hallway or entryway, there could be obstacles you weren’t expecting. To make moving day a little easier for you, we’ve made a list of 5 helpful tips for moving into your first condo.

1. Check for Restricted Moving Days or Hours

There may be days that you are unable to move into your condo, such as Sunday. Or there may be certain hours that are restricted during the week. It’s important that you know which days and hours are available so you don’t run into any problems.

2. Schedule a Move-In Date With the Condo’s Office

To avoid any issues with day or hour restrictions, it’s a good idea to schedule a move-in date at your condo’s office. Most condos won’t schedule more than one move-in at a time, so if you need a specific date, it’s better to book a day as soon as possible. Unfortunately even if you book early, it’s not guaranteed you’ll get your preferred day. Be sure to book your moving truck and professional movers after you have your date booked to avoid any conflicts.

3. Book an Elevator for Move-In Day

If your new condo is several floors up, you might want to look into booking an elevator for the day you move in. Most condos allow for this to avoid disruptions, and it will help you avoid waiting for the elevator every trip.

4. Find Out About Extra Moving Fees

Be sure to check if there are any extra moving fees in your condo. Some condos charge for extra cleanup or work from moving. So ask about fees to make sure you have enough in your moving budget.

5. Check In With the Building Manager

Some condos have specific elevators or loading docks they want you to use when moving. They might also have more helpful tips to make your move-in a little smoother. It helps to know any extra information!