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One Daytona, Bringing New Jobs and New Opportunities at Every Turn

Daytona Beach is a city expanding, and that is good news for residents and visitors alike. New places to shop, more job opportunities, great new investments, and exciting new tourist destinations, the city is definitely on the move.

Recent projects have underscored the importance of economic development to the region, and the upcoming opening of a new sporting goods store and hotel complex. Every outdoor enthusiast is no doubt familiar with the Bass Pro name, so the opening of a brand-new Bass Pro Shops is certainly cause for celebration.

Daytona Beach residents are blessed with warm weather and every opportunity to get outdoors, and they take advantage of those blessings. From fishing and water sports to hiking and camping, Daytona Beach is definitely the place to be for outdoor activities. When the new Bass Pro complex opens, there will be plenty of short-term excitement, but that is only the beginning of the benefits.

The new project is happening near the Daytona Speedway, and when the entire complex is open, it will encompass three buildings stretching along the main promenade of Daytona Boulevard. Bass Pro Shops will arguably be the crown jewel of the project to create new eateries and shopping spaces, and at 70,000 square feet, the sporting goods retailer is certainly the largest.

The project as a whole goes by the name of One Daytona, encompassing some 300,000 square feet of retail, entertainment, and dining space. The project is on track and underway, and it is expected to open for business in the fall of 2017.

That fall opening should position One Daytona well for the upcoming 2017 holiday shopping season, making its economic impact even greater. It is safe to assume that One Daytona will draw plenty of outsiders, including tourists with money to spend, as well as thousands of locals anxious to check out the new hotel, new restaurants, and brand new Bass Pro Shop.

The jobs the One Daytona project is expected to create will be varied. The new retail and entertainment spaces will obviously need hundreds of customer service workers, and those in the hospitality industry can expect plenty of opportunities in the associated hotel space.

With eateries and entertainment venues as diverse as P.F. Chang’s Asian restaurant, GameTime Bowling, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, and Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, the workforce should be just as eclectic and unique, which means opportunities for all kinds of workers. From after-school jobs for high school students, summer work for college students, to steady management positions for experienced workers, the Daytona One project is expected to spread the opportunities around. All in all, it should add up to thousands of new job opportunities for Daytona Beach residents, and excellent growth prospects for the entire region.

The employment surge from One Daytona is already underway, with hundreds of construction workers already on the job. Those workers are already busy transforming raw blueprints and design plans into the future reality of a 21st-century dining, retail, and hotel complex that will attract shoppers and tourists from throughout the region and around the country.

Those construction jobs may be temporary, but they are also high-paying and stable. Even better, this will likely not be the last construction project in the area, so those experienced workers can look forward to plenty of work in the future. Daytona Beach continues to be a city on the move, and that is good news for everyone who lives here.