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Flying High in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, the home of the world’s most famous beach, has so much to offer. Here, the attractions are catered to vacationers and northern based snowbirds. Naturally, this gives way to luxury type activities and unique pastimes. Residents of Daytona Beach often spend their weekends on the boat deep sea fishing, exploring the lights and sounds of the boardwalk, or enjoying some drinks at one of oceanfront restaurant lounges. But, there is a substantial community who believe that staying on the ground simply isn’t their style.

Whether you’re a surgeon looking to get away from work or a snowbird who enjoys flying as a hobby, there are infinite possibilities in the world of Daytona Beach aviation!

To start things off, the Daytona Beach International Airport is a small, one-terminal facility with big time options. International flights include possibilities to the Caribbean and surrounding islands, plus constant outbound flights to larger capacity airports, like Atlanta Int’l Airport.

Hugging the Daytona Airport and sharing its real estate is the world renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute. In addition to their phenomenal engineering and airspace programs, the majority of the students are fully engaged in learning to fly. You can spot the constant flow of students, nicknamed Eagles, earning their wings; Embry Riddle planes can be identified while flying overhead by their unique blue stripes under the wings. embry-riddle-plane

Despite the large scale aviation facilities, the area has no shortage of tight knit community locations. A premier entity is the ex-WWII airfield that is now known as the Spruce Creek Fly-in. The Fly-in is a sort of isolated and undisturbed locale hugging a 4,000 ft. runway for private use.

We have the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport which is a public use, general aviation airport that is maintained solely by the cozy city of New Smyrna Beach. Among their many amenities, they offer a charter service with daily flights to the Bahamas as well as a state of the art flight school. Five miles down the road is the Massey Ranch Airpark. It is an and out, quick turn-around station, because you avoid the commercial Class B, C, or D airspace. They also boast a 24/7 self-service fuel system and rental aircraft for your pleasure. Similarly, there is a hidden gem nestled in gorgeous Ormond Beach that is Sunrise Aviation. They host private aircraft training in addition to training Florida State College at Jacksonville’s students.

For those who love the freedom of the air, but are not quite ready to be at the controls, there are still abundant options. Just twenty minutes west is an adventure waiting to happen at Deland Skydive. They’re a very positive crew with an outstanding track record.
puts on an official air show every year, where the Air Force Thunderbirds make an appearance, and it is sure to please. The New Smyrna Airport are the hosts of the annual New Smyrna Beach Balloon and Sky Fest, where the sky is saturated with designer balloons and festivities on the ground.

The air community around Daytona Beach is accommodating and inexhaustible. It is liberating to see Daytona Beach in the air with a totally different perspective. Whether you’re making a short day flight in your private aircraft or touching down on the commercial runway, there is something here for everyone.