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Indoor Gardening for Your Condo

Living in a beautiful condo such as the Marina Grande, you might not have the outdoor space to grow a garden. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your love for gardening indoors! As long as you have a little space and a little time, you can relish in the benefits of indoor gardening.


Indoor plants need light to thrive. Depending on your setup, you can use the natural light from your windows or a grow light to help your plants get the light they need. It’s important to get the right plants for the amount of light you can provide. Be sure to check the tag that comes with the plants for the light amount needed. If you’re using a grow light, make sure you have a bulb that emits the same wavelengths as the sun to promote photosynthesis, as regular lightbulbs won’t work.


It’s important to know what temperature your plants need to survive. 65-75°F is best for most plants. Plants that are too hot will be weak and small, where plants that are too cool will have yellow leaves that fall off.

Growing Medium

Potted plants need a specific planting medium. Look for a mix that is good for indoor plants that will remain loose and drain well. The medium also needs to have enough nutrients and moisture. This is just as important to a plant’s growth as light.


If you’re looking to try something new, fun, and equally rewarding, you should look into hydroponics! Basically, hydroponics is gardening without the soil, providing the nutrients directly to the roots using water. Hydroponics results in faster plant growth and uses smaller containers.


Always use room-temperature water and water your plants when the soil closer to the edge of the pot is dry. Make sure that your plants can drain correctly since plants that soak in water are much more likely to get root rot.


Choose plants based on your personal interests, experience, and what space and light you can provide. There are so many different plants available to indoor gardening, and depending on your creativity and dedication, your options are pretty limitless. Succulents, herbs, and Impatiens are a great place to start!

Balcony Gardening

Don’t want your plants taking up space indoors? Look into the available amenities your condo offers, such as turning your connected terrace into an outdoor oasis with small potted palm trees. Just be sure to check with any condo bylaws for rules or regulations against planting on a terrace or balcony. Marina Grande on the Halifax allows plants on your outdoor terrace, but there is a size limit.