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Top Tips To Change The Game On Your Tailgating Experience

COKE ZERO 400 Race Image

There’s nothing that can measure up to the excitement of tailgating at one of the amazing car races in Daytona Beach.

Where else can you be in the middle of the action, hear the roar of the engines, and the feel the rush of watching your favorite racer cross the line first? Residents at Marina Grande know this feeling first hand. Don’t miss out on a single minute of the action – make sure to follow these top tailgating tips to have your best race day ever!

1. Get In Early

When it comes to race day, the people here take it very seriously. Beat the rush of devoted Daytonians by having your tickets ready and getting there early to nab that amazing spot. If you’re coordinating with friends, have everyone arrive at the same time so you can spread out your cars and claim some room. You could even coordinate decorations to make for an even more fun atmosphere. Plus, getting there early is more time in the day for fun!

2. Come Prepared

When you’re packing the essentials, don’t forget to bring the fun and games! Corn hole boards and beanbags, footballs, music and speakers, and of course, refreshments should never be left at home. Beer is always good to have on hand but for a fun twist, try a new cocktail recipe or even a mimosa bar if you’re starting early. You could even bring a punch bowl for a watermelon quencher on tap!

3. Don’t Forget Food

There’s nothing like great food on race day! Remember to pack the accessories for the grill and to grab the snacks such as pita chips and bakery cookies. A veggie spread can please the health-conscious race goers – and it’s easy to pack in the cooler. Don’t forget your homemade guacamole that everyone raves about!

4. Plan For Future Races

The key to a great time at the race is planning ahead. From getting there early, to packing extra pre-race hors d’oeuvres, being ready for the fun ensures that you’ll have a great day at the race. While you’re in town, there’s another winner you need to see. Take the extra step and take advantage of the best deal in Daytona at Marina Grande so you’ll always have the perfect place to stay after the races. You can head home to your Marina Grande condominium after a long day of cheering and fun at the Daytona International Speedway.

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5 Must Do’s On the Ocean in Central Florida

Life in Central Florida is pretty sweet, with warm weather, friendly people, abundant sunshine and water everywhere you turn. Whether you live right on the ocean or further inland, there are plenty exciting things to do on your next waterfront adventure.

There is so much fun to be had near the ocean in Central Florida, that the hardest part may be deciding what to do first. But no matter which activity you choose, you are sure to have a great time. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Browse the Gift Shops

Central Florida is home to more than its fair share of gift shops, and that is good news for tourists and locals alike. You can wile away the hours sorting through souvenirs, looking at unusual seashells, and collecting interesting knick-knacks.

The gift shops of Central Florida are unique shopping destinations, with many specialty items that cannot be found anywhere else. No matter what you are looking for, chances are you can find it here.


Driving on the Beach

A drive along the beach is always a treat, but in Central Florida you can actually drive on the beach. In fact, Central Florida is one of the few locations to still allow beach driving, something that sets the region apart from many other Oceanside destinations.

Central Florida is also the birthplace of racing, and the area has a long tradition of fast cars and seaside adventures. If you love fast cars and enjoy spending time along the shore, you can combine your two passions with a thrilling drive on the beach.



When you visit Central Florida for your ocean adventure, you will find an abundance of water sports. Some of these sports are fun diversions, while others are more serious adventures.

From paddle boarding to surfing to boogie boarding, there are plenty of opportunities to get wet, cool off, and become one with the water. If you would rather stay dry, you can go canoeing and kayaking; just keep an eye out for the manatees, porpoises, and other aquatic creatures that call the ocean their home. If your ocean adventure leaves you feeling hungry, just break out your fishing pole and catch some dinner.


Explore with an Eco Tour

Central Florida is ground zero for eco-tourism, with plenty of ecologically minded tour operators and a variety of adventures to explore. You can take an eco-friendly boat tour, complete with a local guide and aquatic education. While out on the water, your tour guide will help you spot the ocean creatures that call Central Florida their home, from aquatic birds to whales and dolphins.

If you are a nature lover, an eco-tour through the ocean of Central Florida is an absolute must. You will have a fantastic time learning about the local wildlife and gain a new appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


Enjoy Some Great Food

Central Florida is home to some truly spectacular food, from delicious seafood straight out of the ocean to amazing steaks and chops from local farmers. If you are feeling hungry after your ocean adventures, you will find endless ways to satisfy your appetite.

The region is home to many specialty restaurants, from traditional local cuisine to exotic fare from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Craving culinary adventure? Or maybe something a little tamer? You can get your fill in Central Florida.


If you are looking for adventure, the ocean awaits. Central Florida is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature, abundant watersports, great sunshine and wonderful food. From shopping and people watching to fine dining and exciting fishing, you can do it all in Central Florida.



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Bike Week in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has long been a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts, with the warm Florida weather and the sunshine serving as a fitting backdrop for a week-long, two-wheeled fun. At any one time, there are thousands of motorcycles prowling the streets of Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas, but when Bike Week comes around things get taken to a whole different level.


The famous Daytona Beach Bike Fest has a long and storied history, with the first one held in 1937. The first rally, even though it was thought to only attract just a few hundred motorcycles, was viewed as an instant success. The Daytona Beach Bike Fest took a break during the World War II years, as Americans focused on more important matters and fought to bring their country back from the brink. From 1942 to 1947, there was no motorcycle rally on the streets of Daytona Beach, but Bike Fest came roaring back once the war ended and we were once again in the mood to party.

Much has changed from the origins of The Daytona Beach Bike Fest. The bikes, bikers, and the area may have looked a bit different in the old days, but the spirit behind Daytona Beach Bike Fest remains the same even some eight decades later. The name was even changed to Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Present Day Bike Week

With hundreds of thousands of bikes and their owners coming into Daytona Beach for Bike Week, this 10-day motorcycle rally is one of the largest, and certainly one of the best attended rallies in the entire country. This annual event draws bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from throughout the region and around the United States. It typically takes place in early March, right after The Daytona 500 and Daytona Speedweeks, so there is still time to make your plans and get your own bike ready for the action.

Still going strong after more than seven decades in existence, Daytona Beach Bike Week is bigger, badder, and louder than ever before. This famous bike rally features many events attendees will only find at Daytona Beach Bike Week, including Cabbage Patch Coleslaw wrestling. Festivities take place throughout the Daytona Beach area, but some of the biggest and best events are found along Main Street and on US1 in Ormond Beach. Aside from the coleslaw wrestling matches, attendees at Daytona Beach Bike Week can enjoy daily bike shows, motorcycle swap meets, live music and concerts at Destination Daytona, and other popular downtown bars and even professional motorcycle racing at the world-famous Daytona International Speedway.

If you live to ride, Daytona Beach is the place to be this March. Just jump on your favorite bike, point the handlebars toward Daytona Beach and head south. When you arrive, you will find plenty of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, along with live music, great food, and the camaraderie only the biker community fully understands.



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Speedweeks in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is home to many great things to see and do, but none has the excitement and pure adrenaline rush of Speedweeks. This special time of year marks the return of racing to the historical Daytona International Speedway, and it is one of the iconic events that makes this part of the country so special.

The annual Daytona Beach Speedweeks celebration marks the return of live racing to the area. When February rolls around, it is time for the race cars, and their drivers, to roll into Daytona Beach. This unique nine-day event features seven different races in four different series; so every race fan can get their fill and see their favorite professional drivers in action.

The History of Daytona Beach Speedweeks

The history of Speedweeks in Daytona Beach is a long and fascinating one. This celebration of racing culture has been going on, and going strong, since 1958, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

With nearly 60 seasons already in the record books and many more to come, it is clear that Speedweeks is as much a part of Daytona Beach as the pristine sands and warm ocean breezes.

The Perfect Location

The celebration known as Speedweeks boasts the perfect location for any race fan, namely the iconic Daytona International Speedway. Home to the Daytona 500, the crown jewel of the racing world, Daytona International has tested the best race drivers in the world, helping them hone their skills even as they thrill their most ardent fans.

The Daytona International Speedway has been recently remodeled, so it is a more improved home for Speedweeks than ever before. With a brand-new infield, an updated fan zone, and plenty of space to move around; Daytona is bigger and better than ever.

Special Events

Speedweeks in Daytona Beach means racing and lots of it. Racing fans can watch the best professional drivers in the world compete for the checkered flag and a spot in the record books at the Daytona 500, but that is only the start of the action.

Other Speedweeks races include the Lucas Oil 200 and the Clash at Daytona, the CanAm Duel, the NextEra Energy Resources 250, the PowerShares QQQ 200 and plenty of qualifying heats for the Daytona 500.

The races may take center stage as Speedweeks heats up, but there are plenty of events off the track as well. From meet and greets with the drivers, to special food events and guided tours of the region, Speedweeks offers plenty of great activities for the whole family.

Impact on the Region

The activities of Speedweeks have an enormous impact on the entire Daytona Beach region, bringing tourist dollars, an increase in jobs offered, and other benefits to locals and visitors alike. Thousands of Daytona Beach residents are directly employed in the racing industry, and many more thousands are employed in related fields.

Speedweeks also brings an economic boom for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other local businesses. All those racing fans need a place to stay, good food to eat, and great places to buy stuff for the folks back home. That is good news for those in the hospitality industry, and great news for the Daytona Beach region as a whole.

With a long history of success and many existing fans, the annual Speedweeks celebration shows no signs of slowing down. From the majesty and drama of the Daytona 500, to the many great family-friendly activities, Speedweeks offers something for everyone.



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Auto Racing In Daytona

February and July in Daytona Beach are very important months, especially to auto racing fans. Auto racing in Daytona, dates back to 1902, when cars raced on the Daytona Road Course. The road course was run, partly, on the pavement that is A1A, and directly on the beach. The road course was instrumental in the creation of what is now the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, otherwise known as NASCAR. Bill France, Sr. was the founder, and the France family continues to head the corporation, to this day.

Auto Racing In Daytona

The Daytona International Speedway opened in 1959 and has been an attraction to millions ever since. That same year, the inaugural Daytona 500 was run and won by Lee Petty, father to the infamous Richard Petty.

February in Daytona, is always the start to a new NASCAR year. Speed Week kicks off the festivities. This event features seven days filled with racing, musical events, food and fun, in and around the track. Even if you are in the Daytona area during the NASCAR off-season, you can still visit the speedway and ride a tram around the track. You can also tour the Daytona 500 Experience, a museum of racing history and visitors center. Daytona 500 Experience houses a large gift shop where you can purchase the merchandise of your favorite NASCAR driver.

If you still feel a ‘need for speed,’ and have always wanted to get behind the wheel of a stock car, then the Richard Petty Driving Experience is for you! You become the driver and after you complete your training, you will take a few laps in a legit race car.

If, after a day at the track, you want to learn even more about the history of racing, South Daytona is home to the Living Legends of Racing Museum. It is housed inside the Sunshine Park Mall, on Ridgewood Avenue. Folks can stroll through the museum and view photographs of earlier racing days, authentic memorabilia and antique race cars. Another hot-spot is the Living Legends of Auto Racing Memorial Brick Walk of Fame, in Daytona Beach Shores. This wall of inscribed bricks, pays homage to those who pioneered the sport of auto racing.

Auto racing in Daytona is an institution and part of our DNA. If you’re a race fan, no life is complete without enjoying at least one race week!