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Discover A Second Home Buyer’s Paradise in Daytona Beach

Second Home Buyer's Paradise - Marina Grande Daytona

Daytona Beach is full of smart opportunities and new experiences that make it a Second Homebuyer’s Paradise.

Here you can try beach driving or challenging your palate at a new restaurant. And now, purchasing your second home at Marina Grande Daytona can be a part of these opportunities.

There’s never been a better time to buy a second residence in Daytona Beach! The location offers so much for residents, making it a Second Home Buyer’s Paradise. Here, you can find live music, art shows and thrilling activities just steps away, not to mention that Orlando and all of its theme parks are just an hour away. This epicenter of arts and entertainment is expanding to offer cultural events and services unique to the area. After all, this is a city where you can find craft beer and attend a music show, all of it local to the area, not to mention the world’s most famous beach and some of the best sporting events of the year. Living here gets you close to everything, and the opportunity is almost too good to pass up. This is what makes Marina Grande Daytona’s new offer so irresistible.

Marina Grande Daytona is now offering the most amazing luxury waterfront condominium property in the country. You won’t find this combination anywhere else. Besides its unprecedented waterfront prices, Marina Grande Daytona is now offering an unmatched net cap program. For select residences, it includes a 2-year guaranteed 7% net cap rate as well as maintenance and fees paid. No guest can resist waterfront property priced so affordably, decorated with luxury imported cabinetry wood, granite countertops, featuring floor plans that have up to over 2,000 sq. feet, and especially property that’s in the heart of Daytona Beach. Regarding leasing and maintenance, Marina Grande Daytona handles the details; you get to reap the benefits.

Just like Daytona Beach, Marina Grande Daytona has everything you need right at home. Two waterfront swimming pools create a tropical experience right in your own backyard. You can also workout at the waterfront state of the art 24-hour fitness center, and Marina Grande is home to a 28-slip marina as well.

Marina Grande Daytona has homebuyers racing to the water’s edge with condominiums starting from the $200s. Residences featuring coastal modern design and spectacular vistas overlook the Intracoastal Waterway and the world-famous Daytona Beach. A model showcase unlike anything else in the area show off imported cabinetry, granite countertops in the kitchen, and jetted bathtubs in the bathrooms.

To compare Marina Grande Daytona to similar properties throughout the state of Florida, request a free comparison guide today. You can also download our latest fact sheet, which includes sample inventory and pricing on specific residences. Designer decorated models are open and available to tour daily on site. We encourage you to plan your visit soon. For more information visit or call 386.310.1337 to schedule your private tour.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marina Grande

Marina Grande Daytona

Have you heard the buzz around town? Marina Grande Daytona is making a splash as the best opportunity and waterfront value in Florida. Here’s your chance to be in the know, and get in on the action of these NEW waterfront condominiums.

5. The 25-story twin towers overlook not only the Intracoastal, but most residences also have views of the Atlantic Ocean.
That’s a two for one!

4. The amenities are plentiful at Marina Grande Daytona and include:
• Two waterfront swimming pools with a Jacuzzi spa
• 18 person movie theater
• Waterfront state-of-the-art fitness center
• 28-slip marina
• Game room and banquet space

3. Marina Grande’s rental program is available to offset owners and covers the cost of ownership.
This is managed on site making it easy for the buyer!

2. Aside from the spectacular views, each condominium residence has spacious rooms with top-of-the-line interior finishes including:
• Italian Cabinetry
• Marble and Granite Countertops and Showers
• Vita Jetted Tubs
• 9 foot ceilings

1. Marina Grande’s waterfront condominiums start from just the $200s to the $600s!
The value speaks for itself.

A Marina Grande 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom pent house suite is 1,670 sq. ft. with 10 ft. ceilings for just $305,000. Request a fact sheet to see a more samples of inventory and prices. This deal will not last forever. Click here for a complimentary comparison guide to see why Marina Grande Daytona is the BEST deal in Florida right now. You don’t want to be that should’ve, could’ve, would’ve guy and miss out on the real estate opportunity of a lifetime.

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When is the Best Season to Buy a Condo?


Inventory: Spring is when you’ll usually see the highest inventory of condos for sale. Between the more mild weather and being finished with the holidays, this is the best time to see a variety of homes for sale.

Pricing: Unfortunately Spring isn’t the best time for deals on a new home. Many sellers think they have a few months to sell their condo and may overprice their home. Expect to see many homes that are expensive.

Competition: The competition won’t be as tough as it will be later in the year. Spring is the time where most potential buyers are just getting their feet wet and browsing.


Inventory: Inventory during summer is still high, often as high as in spring. There will be plenty of new listings this time of year.

Pricing: Sellers will start to get serious about selling their homes, so the prices should come down a bit during summer. There still won’t be very many deals this time of year.

Competition: This is when the competition really starts to get going. Expect to see more bidding wars and higher offers being made.


Inventory: Inventory during fall will definitely start to dwindle. There won’t be as many new listings on the market either.

Pricing: Any new listings on the market will be priced to sell. Fall is when you’ll finally start to find some deals and sellers will start to cut their asking price.

Competition: The competition will be much more tough during fall. Expect to see plenty of competition for fairly priced homes.


Inventory: Winter will bring very limited inventory, but those who do put their homes on the market this time of year will most likely need to sell.

Pricing: Any real estate on the market during winter will be priced lower than in the spring or summer. There will be plenty of deals, and homes will be priced at good value.

Competition: Buying a new home during the holiday season can be tough, so expect to see less competition.