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What Makes Daytona Beach A Great Place To Retire?

Marina Grande Daytona- Best Place to RetireU.S. News & World Report recently released their list of the best places to retire in the country, and Daytona Beach made the seventh position!

Full of new opportunities and experiences, it’s no wonder the area is being recognized. Residents at Marina Grande are lucky enough to call this place home, and while we’re not surprised, we know that many people may be wondering what helps make Daytona so amazing. As it turns out, it’s all sorts of things! Here’s what makes Daytona Beach one of the best places to retire.

The rankings were based on a number of factors including housing affordability, retiree taxes and overall happiness of residents. U.S. News & World Report described Daytona Beach as having “one of Florida’s most well-rounded metro areas,” and we couldn’t agree more. With the amenities offered in the city, you have your selection of some of the most well-known sporting events and cultural attractions. There’s something fun for everyone here. Set your schedule to experience the excitement of the Daytona 500, enjoy the clean air and natural beauty at Tiger Bay State Park, or getting your baile on at the Saturday Night Latin Party at Sazon Latino Restaurant.

Daytona Beach is becoming an even greater place to live, with its “New Daytona” energy offering new ways to explore the area. Recently opened, the Tanger Outlet mall offers all kinds of deals and the new One Daytona entertainment complex has fun for the whole family. And with relatively low traffic, it’s easy to get wherever you’re going.

Daytona is now not only known as a popular vacation spot, but an amazing place to live as well. The area’s affordability is also impressive. Daytona even earned a spot on Coastal Living’s Most Affordable Beach Towns.

Marina Grande especially has homebuyers racing to the water’s edge with condominiums starting from just the $200s, and right on the Halifax River, too! A showcase of coastal modern design and spectacular vistas overlook the Intracoastal Waterway and the world-famous Daytona Beach.

This deal of a lifetime won’t last forever-request a free comparison guide today to see why Marina Grande Daytona is the best bang for your buck in Florida. Amenities such as two waterfront pools, a fitness center, and a private, 28-slip marina with access to the Atlantic make it all worth it. Get in on the Marina Grade magic with our leasing program, which lets you let out your residence in the off-season, and get in on the benefits.

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4 Reasons to Retire in Daytona Beach

Marina Grande Daytona

AARP has just released their list of the top low-cost places to retire, and Daytona Beach has topped the list! Would it surprise you to know that the city with The World’s Greatest Beach also has some of the most affordable costs of living? You can even find two and three bedroom condominiums starting from the $200s at Marina Grande Daytona. Here, you’ll also be near some of the coolest attractions. Check out why Daytona Beach is so popular.

Fun Activities

No matter where you are in Daytona Beach, there’s always something fun to do nearby. Just because the Daytona 500 is over doesn’t mean the fun stops. You’re always likely to find a live music show going on at Main Street Station, and Bike Week is just around the corner. The racetrack also hosts multiple tours for fans to get a glimpse of the glory.

Warm Beach Weather

Did you know that the average days with sun in Daytona Beach is 229? People who live here are well aware of the fact, and are happy to take advantage of it every day! With fun activities ranging from driving on the beach to taking your boat out on the water, there are plenty of local ways to celebrate a good day outdoors. Marina Grande offers two luxury waterfront pools. Perfect for enjoying the Florida rays, without leaving the comforts of home.

Low Cost Of Living

For all that it offers, Daytona Beach is an incredibly affordable place to live. One of the most coveted addresses in town, Marina Grande, offers two and three bedroom condominiums starting from just the $200s. With waterfront views and top-notch amenities, including two waterfront pools, a 28-slip marina and an 18-seat movie theatre, Marina Grande is a value you’ll find hard to believe.

This extraordinary opportunity has buyers racing to the waters edge to get in on it-and who could blame them? Properties such as the ones at Marina Grande, offering such great amenities and stunning views for such a low price goes fast. Come see the level of luxury that’s available to you at Marina Grande firsthand when you schedule to visit one of our four new models. Get the facts and request pricing and availability here. Get in on this amazing opportunity before its gone-visit us here to get started on your life at Marina Grande.

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Downsize and UPGRADE at Marina Grande on the Halifax

Do you find yourself wanting something different out of life? Could you use more money in your monthly budget? Are you ready to downsize your life and your surroundings, but worry that downsizing might mean downgrading your life?

We have the solution to your downsizing needs. When you move into Marina Grande, you can downsize and UPGRADE your life. Living in a condo will save you a lot of money and free up your precious energy for other things you may not otherwise have time for.

Now that you are retired, you want to enjoy the good life, and you can at Marina Grande! There is no better way to downsize into retirement and enjoy the rest of your life. Here are just some of the benefits.


Save Money

When you downsize and upgrade at Marina Grande, you will save money. Downsizing your home is a great way to free up cash, but the savings do not stop there. A smaller home means lower insurance costs, lower heating and cooling bills, and lower property taxes. You can invest those savings and diversify your portfolio, or you can treat yourself to something nice that you have always wanted. You might even save enough to pay for that bucket list vacation.


Save Time

Whether you are retired or not, nothing is more valuable than your time. Time is the only thing you cannot buy more of, so you need to use it carefully. Downsizing into Marina Grande will free up more of your time, eliminating the hassle of lawn care, pool care, and other maintenance on a home. Cleaning and organizing your new home will also take less time, so you can skip off to a spontaneous vacation, have lunch with your friends or just relax.



A sense of community has never been more important, or harder to find. How many of us do not know our next-door neighbors or associate with the people down the street? When you enjoy condo life at Marina Grande, you can enjoy a sense of community, with an endless schedule of fun events and a communal pool to swim or sit by. There is also a tennis court and a gym to help you stay in shape, so you can meet your new neighbors and spend your time having fun!

The condominium life is a great choice for downsizing or any time for that matter. Maybe you are a recent retiree or just trying to downsize your life and enjoy your surroundings, there are plenty of reasons to move into Marina Grande. If you have been looking for a new lease on life, look no further.


Free yourself from high property taxes, endless heating and cooling bills, and the hassle of maintaining a landscaped yard and big home. When you trade your huge empty nest for the beauty and community of condo life, you can downsize while upgrading. At Marina Grande on the Halifax, life does not get much better than this.







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Simplify Your Life

It’s probably safe to say we all share the goal of living a simplified retirement. We’ve worked our entire lives to ensure a successful future; retirement is the time to live it, not the time to put more work on ourselves. However, that notion is all too often perceived as boring or disreputable. In reality, retirement encompasses many pleasant aspects, like recreation, relaxation, and socialization, as well as important ones, like financial stability and health maintenance. Merely having access to these things in one centralized place is where the simplifying part comes in, and condominiums are an ideal centralized place offering a dream retirement.

Unavoidably, the largest concern regarding retirement is funding it. But during nearly every conversation about the topic, the word “downsizing” is thrown around in a way that conveys empty nesters should save their money by moving into a tiny, isolated box. Obviously, that doesn’t sound very appealing, and it’s definitely not the only solution. Generally speaking, condominiums are much less expensive than comparable single-family properties. The difference between the sales price for a larger home and the money required for down payment on a condominium is a considerable amount of cash that can be used for everyday expenses during retirement.

For several reasons, the property value of a condominium is much higher than that of a house as well. For one, your neighbors aren’t able to do things like paint the exterior of their home neon purple or let their yard go unkept for months. Frequent improvements to and the desirability of general condo building also drives the sales value up, rewarding you with a more competitive market for higher prices.

Notice how condominium developments are typically on or near the water, beaches, or golf courses. They tend to be located in prime living areas where single dwelling homes may be too expensive. As a retiree, you want to stay active, engage in your favorite hobbies, and pursue new activities, and living in a condominium not only situates you near venues that allow such, but also provides those opportunities on property. Condominium residences often offer things like media rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, walking and biking paths, and fitness centers so you can choose to enjoy your day from the comfort of your home.

While homeowner’s association fees pay for condominium amenities, they only amount to a fraction of the cost of the total benefits received from condo ownership. Maintenance crews are available to fix things like leaky faucets, damaged roofing, burned-out street lamps, and landscaping, which translates to lower utility and maintenance fees and less physical labor on your part. Your safety and security are also taken care of, as many condominium residences are gated, require verified entrance access, or employ 24-hour security or lobby managers.

Retiring in a condominium community simplifies life so you can relax and spend your time and energy meeting new people, trying new things, and doing the things you love without feeling isolated or financially stressed. You’ll find no shortage of entertainment, nor will you lack the time and perfect space to just unwind. Visit to find your retirement dream home today!