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Simplify Your Life

It’s probably safe to say we all share the goal of living a simplified retirement. We’ve worked our entire lives to ensure a successful future; retirement is the time to live it, not the time to put more work on ourselves. However, that notion is all too often perceived as boring or disreputable. In reality, retirement encompasses many pleasant aspects, like recreation, relaxation, and socialization, as well as important ones, like financial stability and health maintenance. Merely having access to these things in one centralized place is where the simplifying part comes in, and condominiums are an ideal centralized place offering a dream retirement.

Unavoidably, the largest concern regarding retirement is funding it. But during nearly every conversation about the topic, the word “downsizing” is thrown around in a way that conveys empty nesters should save their money by moving into a tiny, isolated box. Obviously, that doesn’t sound very appealing, and it’s definitely not the only solution. Generally speaking, condominiums are much less expensive than comparable single-family properties. The difference between the sales price for a larger home and the money required for down payment on a condominium is a considerable amount of cash that can be used for everyday expenses during retirement.

For several reasons, the property value of a condominium is much higher than that of a house as well. For one, your neighbors aren’t able to do things like paint the exterior of their home neon purple or let their yard go unkept for months. Frequent improvements to and the desirability of general condo building also drives the sales value up, rewarding you with a more competitive market for higher prices.

Notice how condominium developments are typically on or near the water, beaches, or golf courses. They tend to be located in prime living areas where single dwelling homes may be too expensive. As a retiree, you want to stay active, engage in your favorite hobbies, and pursue new activities, and living in a condominium not only situates you near venues that allow such, but also provides those opportunities on property. Condominium residences often offer things like media rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, walking and biking paths, and fitness centers so you can choose to enjoy your day from the comfort of your home.

While homeowner’s association fees pay for condominium amenities, they only amount to a fraction of the cost of the total benefits received from condo ownership. Maintenance crews are available to fix things like leaky faucets, damaged roofing, burned-out street lamps, and landscaping, which translates to lower utility and maintenance fees and less physical labor on your part. Your safety and security are also taken care of, as many condominium residences are gated, require verified entrance access, or employ 24-hour security or lobby managers.

Retiring in a condominium community simplifies life so you can relax and spend your time and energy meeting new people, trying new things, and doing the things you love without feeling isolated or financially stressed. You’ll find no shortage of entertainment, nor will you lack the time and perfect space to just unwind. Visit http://www.mgonthehalifax.com/the-residences/ to find your retirement dream home today!