Top Tips & Benefits of Condo Living at Marina Grande - Marina Grande
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Top Tips & Benefits of Condo Living at Marina Grande

Whether you’re considering buying a waterfront condo or just moved into a luxury unit at Marina Grande, you’re no doubt asking yourself how to make the most out of condo living.

Marina Grande is a popular destination for condo owners thanks to the plethora of nearby attractions, beautiful weather, stunning waterfront views and exciting local nightlife.

Check out some of our tips on how to get the most out of luxury condo living at Marina Grande!

Enjoy the Halifax River & “World’s Most Famous Beach”

Okay, so you don’t have a garden in your condo (unless you’re fortunate indeed), so you might be wondering how or where to spend time outside: explore what’s in your new “backyard”- the Halifax River is perfect for boating aficionados or taking a walk on the “World’s Most Famous Beach” may be more your speed!

Daytona Beach is full of incredible places to go for walks, whether you hit the inland trails in East Volusia, stroll along its white sandy coast or venture in and out of beachside shops. Condo living offers residents many options to get outside and stay active-and we recommend doing it on the river or beachside!

Spend Some Time Soaking In The Views

Many of the condos in Marina Grande are spectacularly high up and offer commanding views over the marina and surrounding area. From your condo, you can watch yachts coming and going, the sun rising and setting over the horizon, catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming and the waves gently lapping distant shores.

These views are spectacular on their own and are a great opportunity to meditate and relax. Or, take in the amazing views of the Halifax River and the Atlantic Ocean with friends and family, while entertaining or just hanging out. It’s all part of what luxury condo living means.

The Ease and Convenience of Regular Maintenance

Some may shy away from condo maintenance fees, but there really aren’t many reasons to feel this way at Marina Grande. The difference in owning a condo over a home frees you from both the routine of basic maintenance like lawn care and gardening as well as big unexpected expenses such as roof repairs. These fees also go into the safety and upkeep of your amenities such as pool cleaning and maintenance as well as covering your safety concerns like fire code inspections and such. So, rest easy and view these fees as perks to fully enjoying quality of life at your new condo.

Condo Rules Benefit All

So, you want to paint your door a vibrant color? Or your neighbor wants to hang a flag with their political beliefs from the balcony? The condos in Marina Grande look beautiful from the outside, with many people customizing them to their tastes on the inside. Rules are in place at your new home for a reason; to protect the value of the building as well as the safety and beauty to all who call these stunning condos home.

So, although you may not be allowed to make some adjustments to your liking it does not necessarily mean you may not be able to do all. As a courtesy (and to protect your time and money), simply run any major changes or renovations past the appropriate points of contact for approval. Keep in mind the overall rules and regulations are for your protection in the big picture of luxury living in Marina Grande.

Take Advantage of Marina Grande’s Exclusive Amenities:

  • Backyard Aquatic Oasis – 2 swimming pools with a jacuzzi spa and generous sun deck meticulously landscaped to create an immersive tropical experience
  • Bring the Box Office Home – 18-person THX certified movie theater offers residents the opportunity to enjoy their favorite box office hits in 7.1 surround sound
  • Fitness With a View – 24 hour, waterfront state-of-the-art fitness center. Lift weights or get your cardio in while overlooking an ever changing scenic view of the intracoastal waterway
  • Ocean Access for Your Watercraft – Marina Grande is home to a private, 28-slip marina with accommodations for vessels up to 36′ in length
  • Banquet Space for Any Occasion – Enjoy special events or parties in your very own banquet space available to condo owners

Luxury Awaits You at Marina Grande

Waterfront condos with spacious accommodations surrounded by breathtaking views — sounds too good to be true? It’s the standard at Marina Grande. Call (386) 310-1337 or visit us online to schedule a time to stop by our model and get a glimpse of Marina Grande’s beautiful waterfront views and resort-style living.